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Manage compliance and quality across your supply chain with robust automations from Ternpoint.
Compliance & Traceability
TPS Compliance and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Lot and Serial Tracking functionality improves efficiency, tracks production, and monitors and maintains systematic traceability of vital materials, products, and information.
Trade Management
TPS Rebates & Deductions and TPS Promotions systematically creates and manages combinable pricing rules, credits, and payments, with in-depth reporting capabilities. Automate advanced sales pricing and track commissions, rebates, and other trade entries as they happen.
quality management
TPS Quality Management allows for quality audits and sampling throughout the inventory lifecycle, for quick identification and correction of compliance issues.
TPS Shopfloor Powered by Insight Works and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central's Planning module allow for easy scheduling and real time recording of labor and material usage throughout the manufacturing process.
Container Management
Automate the process of receiving goods into virtual, on-the-water, or in-transit locations, with the ability to track multiple POs and dates at the container level.
cost control
Track landed costs and cost accruals in Business Central. Our expert team will set up, implement, and maintain the inventory costing method that works best for your business.

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